Usher ‘Looking 4 Myself’ Album Cover

Usher’s artwork for his upcoming album Looking 4 Myself…

R&B King Usher is back with a new studio album ‘Looking 4 Myself’ due in stores June 12.  Take a look at the new album artwork, we like it!

Track listing:
1. ’Cant Stop Wont Stop’
2. ’Scream’
3. ’Climax’
4. ’I Care for U’
5. ’Show Me’
6. ’Lemme See’ Feat. Rick Ross
7. ’Twisted’ Feat. Pharrell
8. ’Dive’
9. ’What Happened to U’
10. ’Looking 4 Myself’ Feat. Luke Steele
11. ’Numb’
12. ’Lessons For The Lover’
13. ’Sins Of My Father’
14. ’Euphoria’
Deluxe edition:
15. ’I.F.U.’
16. ’Say the Words’
17. ’2nd Round’
18. ’Hot Thing’