CoverGirl: Meagan Good Covers Upscale Magazine

Meagan Good is looking hella good on the cover of Upscale magazine (August 2012) issue. 

On her love for her new husband DeVon Franklin:

“To me there’s nothing sexier than a man …that loves the Lord. I can’t imagine anything more attractive.  And then, we just get each other,we don’t judge each other.  He understands me.  His love has brought a lot of healing to a lot of areas that have been really painful for me. “

3 thoughts on “CoverGirl: Meagan Good Covers Upscale Magazine”

      1. Yeah I feel you. And she’s prettier in person. I got the chance to see her in person at Universal City Walk. Not sure where you live but it’s like a shopping center in Los Angeles. I saw her walking around with her older sister and some friends. I wanted to say hi to her but I didn’t want to bother her. She was about 15 feet away from me. I was very tempted to say something.We did make eye contact though,I guess that’s

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