Happy Birthday! Madonna Turns 54 Today.

The Queen of Pop Madonna turns 54 today and we are proud to say we are long time stans of her artistry.  She has sold over 250 Million records and albums worldwide, with a career spanning over 30 years.  Numerous hit singles, including “Holiday”, “Like A Prayer”, “Vogue” and many more.  We love her music, style, determination to fight against all odds and still remain on top.  Madonna is best known for reinventing herself and her looks have always been trendsetting in pop culture.  Today we salute Madonna by posting our Top 5 Iconic Moments in Madonna’s Career.


The Infamous kiss with Britney Spears (VMA Awards)


Infamous dress she wore for her MTV début performance of Like A Virgin.


The love of her life, ex husband/Actor Sean Penn.


Madonna starred in her Emmy nominated role Evita.


2012 Super Bowl performance.  The most watched in Super Bowl history.

It’s your birthday Queen let’s celebrate!!

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