One thought on “Jennifer Lopez Joins Latinos For Obama (Video)”

  1. It’s not surprising that Jenny from the block would vote for a minority. Minorities have come out in record numbers to vote against a white man. This is there mentality. They do this from the time they are in grade school to when they become adults. For the Latino’s they come from Mexico for a better life, only to try and bring what they tried to get away from with them. They are so stupid that they don’t get it. They leave a country where, there aren’t any supportive programs for a country that has programs and gives the a status so they are allowed special benefits that were put in place to protect them and help them…then what do they do, the bite the hand that reached out to them. In Mexico there isn’t any status for minorities,which would be a gringo, but instead of a minority status they put a target on our backs for attacks, either to be robbed or beaten up and killed. Yet in America, we keep given them special help. Then they stand up in record numbers to vote for a president that isn’t white. They don’t vote in any other elections just one that will remove whites from power,,,, I have already thrown my CD’s with Jenny from the block away. Like most minorities, the whites help and support them to the top, then they turn around and say everyone was racist, or there still needs to be room for improvement…in which they direct it towards the whites, while turning a blind eye for the need to clean up the gang ridden Hispanic area’s in California, Arizona, Texas. Please protest against Jay Lo’s campaign to rid the country of white males by not buying her CD”s. She is just as racist as all the latino’s

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