Brandy Fans Demand Third Single (Sign Petition)

While we’ve seen Brandy in theaters (Tyler Perry’s Temptation) and on TV (“The Game”), we haven’t heard much about her music as of late. Some fans want that to change and as such, they’ve launched a petition to garner promotional support from her record label.

Launching a petition via Twitition, over 700 fans have signed, asking RCA and Chameleon Records to release and promote the song “Do You Know What You Have?”

“Brandy’s fans, the starz, have come together to ask RCA and Breyon Prescott’s Chameleon Records for the release of Brandy’s song “Do You Know What You Have,” from the impeccable and critically acclaimed album, “Two Eleven,” the petition reads.

Vowing to support Brandy, fans say they will promote, purchase and request the song if the label makes it a single and does everything that is usually done to push a record at radio and other outlets.

“We believe in Brandy and will help promote, purchase and request the song at our local radio stations. Please sign this petition in support for “Do You Know What You Have” and “Two Eleven,” the petition reads.

It’s unclear what the label’s position is on Brandy’s “Two Eleven” album and era, but two singles were pushed last year (“Put It Down” and “Wildest Dreams”). Do you think the label should help Brandy, pushing another single, thereby reigniting interest in “Two Eleven”?


Potential Singles

Do You Know What You Have?

Wish Your Love Away

Without You

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