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New Music: Michael Jackson and Timbaland – ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ SONY Commercial (Video)


New Michael Jackson music can be heard in this new Sony Xperia Z2 TV commerical we found moments ago.  The track is producced by Timbaland, but we are not sure if this will be labeled as a duet or simply a Michael song, but any way we love it!  Take a look below:  What do you think?

Janet Jackson UNICEF Commercial (Video)

JANET JACKSON has signed up as the face of a new campaign for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to help stamp out starvation in Africa.

The pop superstar has filmed a new public service announcement (PSA) for the organization, in which she urges fans to contribute to ongoing efforts to combat malnutrition in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa.

Jackson insists the anti-hunger campaign is close to her heart because of her past battles with weight problems.

She says, “I believe in a world where there are zero children dying of malnutrition and other preventable causes. That is why I will raise awareness and support for the lifesaving solutions that are available, and my promise to all children is to make sure that people around the world are listening and participating in the change that must happen. UNICEF is the best possible partner for this change…

“I understand what it means to starve intentionally. I understand what it means to eat obsessively. My battles with weight and self-esteem are so personal and yet the media has made them very public. I feel called upon to bring food and love to children who don’t have any.”



Take a look below:

Beyonce – ‘Standing On The Sun’ (H&M Commercial) (Video)

Beyonce is ‘Standing On The Sun’ in her new highly anticipated Jonas Akerlund directed H&M commercial advertisement.  The clever ‘Diva’ made the commercial into a mini music video which features a brand new track “Standing On The Sun” from her upcoming Mrs. Carter, LP due out this summer.  The commercial merges all things Beyonce from the beauty, fashion and choreography to make this an epic commercial.  Take a look below:

Director’s Cut Version

Beyonce ‘Mirrors’ Pepsi Commercial Behind The Scenes (Video)


Beyonce kicked off her international Pepsi campaign yesterday with a 1 minute commercial titled  ‘Mirrors’  that literally shut down the internet.  Today the $50 Million dollar Pepsi diva released a special behind the scenes video of the Jake Nava directed commercial.  Take a look below:

David Beckham Stars In ‘Wet’ New H&M Underwear Commercial (Video)

David Beckham is back in his underwear again for his new 2013 H&M  David Beckham Bodywear campaign.  The commercial ad directed by Guy Ritchie hit the net today.  The ad shows him actually chasing a car throughout Beverly Hills, trying to retrieve his bathrobe as it gets dragged along the ground.  I’m sure no one will complain about that concept.  Take a look below: